UR-RT2 Turn off monitoring reverb

Hi. I just bought a UR-RT2 and plugged my guitar straight in. Unfortunately it’s giving me a reverb sound on the guitar when I’m plugged into input 2. The reverb is only there when using input 2. Inputs 1,3 and 4 are all fine. I only wanted to install the driver and get recording into Ableton. I didn’t want to install any DSP software or have to bother with these effects in any way. Any ideas of why this reverb is present and how to remove it? I’m on a Mac. Thanks.

Hi Russ
Install the software dspmixfx and turn the reverb off, simple as that.

I have my studio monitors plugged into the L/R outputs of a UR44. When I try to listen to playback on them there is ALWAYS a slight echo, or reverb that I CAN NOT get rid of. If I use any other device for output it sounds as it should. There seems to be a a permanently enabled reberb on the master channel in dspMixfx and the blue “send” button refuses to turn off. I think that may be the culprit. Lowest time will go is 0.3, maybe if I could set that to zero it would fix it, but why can’t I turn it off (if this is indeed the issue)? Any ideas

AH, maybe I should have input this as a new problem.