UR-RT2 Win 11 driver issue

after the main update of the win11 (about the summer) , the sound pop up and clicking when the DAW or some software running, the new driver update doesn’t help,
I tried change the driver to windows audio, it was ok, or change the settings to 44.1, stable, 256 buffer, both was ok in DAW,
it should be the driver or win 11 problem, need you help,
and more, if I reduce the buffer from 2048 to lower, the windows audio have same probelm

ok, I tried to reinstall it, but it got new problem,
when installing the driver, the pc instantly restart, and can’t found the driver and control soft, the dspmix fx,
I fix it quickly, disable the hardware usb port, and clean the msi installer history, then reinstall the program, done,
but the clicks persists when pressing long note or running some program, no,
I’m looking for new hardware for audio, no way to back to old system, still waiting your news, the hardware was great enough

I just found the problem solved, actually not,
I tried new version of fl studio, it’s working fine with highest settings,
I’m not sure where the problem from, and how it solved,

I got error from these app:
studio one 6, when pressing notes,
mumu emulator, most times,
chrome stable, sometimes when playing multiple audio source

final edit : I guess I have found the problem from, it’s probably about the ASUS motherboard software, many days ago I re open the soft, and edit the settings about lighting things in my pc case, after that almost ok, soft running like before and back to studio one,
the lighting software increased the CPU cost, so if you have similar issue try to stop all those process, then restart the soft, or, just build a audio pc without lighting.