UR-RT4 - Previewing samples in Phones Channels with Control Room

The UR-RT4 interface has 2x “PHONES” jacks out the front, with PHONES 1 hard wired to output MIX 1, while PHONES 2 is switchable to output either MIX 1 or MIX 2 via "Studio>Audio Hardware Setup>Headphones.

I have a pair of speakers that are @ MAIN OUTPUT L & R (controllable by the hardware volume knob), and another pair of reference speakers @ LINE OUTPUT 1 & 2 which I adjust via the Control Room red volume knob.

Scenario 1:- Routing a Control Room Cue channel to MIX 2 (out of the PHONES 2 jack) does not allow for sample previewing regardless of enabling or disabling “Preferences…>VST>Control Room>Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel”.

Scenario 2:- Sample previewing through PHONES 2 can be achieved by un-routing the previous Cue (Not Connected) then “Add Heaphone>MIX 2”, and finally enabling “Preferences…>VST>Control Room>Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel”.
This however nullifies sample previewing out of my MIX 1 main speakers.

Scenario 3:- PHONES 1 (MIX 1) can be used to preview samples by default, but it is linked to the Control Room red volume knob, meaning that I’d have to manually turn my speakers off if I only wanted to use the headphones.

I ask because I use the PHONES 2 jack as a custom Cue output for when I’m recording vocals at my microphone so as to prevent “howlround” feedback, but the only problem is that I cannot use that same output (according to the above 3 scenarios) in order to conveniently preview samples if I were to just sit at the desk and edit or produce.

Any & all ideas will be very deeply appreciated.


Could you post a screenshot of your Studio > Audio connections > Control Room panel ?
FWIW, it’s working as expected, here, using the Phones outputs of the Control Room, this, with the following setup :

Using MediaBay, I can preview any sample with it :

But I admit that things are probably less complicated on my end, as I only have one phones stereo outputs to deal with. Actually, I would like to see how both your phones outputs are routed, in the Control Room.

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