Hi there;

The new line of interfaces has caught my eye and I am looking at upgrading my MR816X down the road. The UR-RT4 does not quite suit my needs.

Is there a UR-RT8 or something in the works that might be an evolution from the MR816 - UR824 product lines?


Hoping for a UR-RT8 too! Has to have ADAT so I can use it with my 824.


Sounds like the ball has been dropped with this suggestion. Neither of the two UR RT work for me as well.

Oh yes, I want a UR-RT8 rack version to! =)

How about a UR8-RT4? (W/ADAT, of course.)

Not even a response from the powers that be.

Well, they never answer if the answer isn’t yes, with a solid date.

I’d love a UR with or without RT - even only 4 mic inputs but with digital i/o.

Exactly, my choice as it stands is to buy another companies interface as I would like to keep my old bricked MR816X as an 8 channel expansion. The whole UR line needs a refresh IMO. I need to get away from FW here as it is done on the Mac. I currently have all my hardware going into an Ashly line mixer then stereo out into the the 816X. This leaves me 6 inputs on the MR. I want to get rid of the Ashly and use the MR as the synth input if you will. Cant do that with the UR RT line and UR824 is old hat at this point.