UR series and online conversation


So I’m having some trouble routing my UR44 for online conversation programmes (such as Skype for example).

It seems that this is only possible with the loopback fonction so okay (while having the direct monitoring on), why not, but the problem is that every inputs (including my computer’s sound) will be sent back to my contact, and I don’t want him to hear every sound that my computer make, especially not his own voice.

If I turn the direct monitoring off: Impossible to record anything
If I turn the loopback fonction: same
If I turn the “DAW” fader: Impossible to hear anything coming from my computer

But I would like to turn the direct monitoring off, so I don’t hear myself anymore AND I don’t want my contact to be abble to hear anything (except my mic output obviously) from my computer.

Well, It would be so much easier if windows or skype (or any other program) had an In & Out configuration like … every DAW in existence buuuut unfortunately none of those program have an advanced in&out configuration.

Ok, I found the solution myself, I downloaded a free program called VoiceMeeter available here:

This program does almost the same things as the DSP Mixer, each channel got 2 different kind of output, one for direct monitoring (that you can turn on and off, very handy if you don’t want to hear yourself in your monitors) and a master out that will be send to any audio devices.

And it can do much more, but I don’t need the other functions.

And it also come with a noise gate.