UR series in Cubase: where's the Input Settings Window?

I just got my UR-RT2 and am trying to use in Cubase 9.5 & 10. However, the doc (http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_hardware/UR-RT2/Manuals/UR-RT2_UR-RT4_Operation_Manual_en.pdf) seems in error. It say to open the Input Settings Window:

How to Open the Window

Input Settings Window

From the Cubase series menu, [Studio][MixConsole]  [HARDWARE]

Hardware Setup Window

From the Cubase series menu, [Studio]  [Audio Hardware Setup]

Uh, [Studio] -> [MixConsole] is not a cascading menu, i.e., there is no “HARDWARE” menu option; it just brings up the mixer. So, how do I open the “Input Settings Window” ?

(Note that [Studio]->[Audio Hardware Setup], as described above is indeed there and does bring up the “Hardware Setup Window”.)

thanks in advance,

– jdm

The manual is a little misleading. As you have said there is no cascading menu but the instructions are somewhat correct.

You have to open the [MixConsole] mixer window and navigate thought the menu icons until you find the “Set up windows layout” icon (upper right corner).

Click on the icon and the “Set up windows layout” window appears.
Then select (tick) the “Channel Rack” option and magically the [HARDWARE] windows will appear in the [MixConsole] upper zone for all the corresponding active UR-RT Input channels…

Nevertheless I strongly suggest Steinberg staff provide the Operation Manual with a better description of this important part, I spend almost an hour to figure out how to activate it!