UR Series Temp and Mobile Replacement for MR816

I have recently run into an issue with the MR816CSX. My firewire computer is down for the count. I love the MR but need a temp replacement for it until I upgrade/Fix the computer. I would also like to have a mobile unit that I can take with me. I have been looking at the specs of the UR242, UR22mkII and UR44. All look great and appear to have everything I “Need”. My second computer is an Asus with USB 3.0, windows 10 and the software I use is the Full version of Cubase. what I need most is 2 Mics and 1 Instrument Input and 2 speaker outputs, anything above that is bonus and would be a great help but not absolutely needed. All 3 UR units have great reviews from what I have seen but I wanted the community opinion on which one I should seriously consider getting that would be a good mobile and temp replacement unit for the MR816CSX. Thanks for your help.