UR won't work when connected to MBP with USB HUB

I am powering the UR 28M with the wall wart - yet it does not work when I connect it to an unpowered USB hub.

is this normal?

I am on the go with MBP and trying to do some composing. My external HDD with my KONTAKT samples needs to be plugged in direct also (no hub) it does not work if I go through the USB hub. So I plug that into the MBP USB port 1 (there are only 2)

If I plug the UR into the second one then there is nowhere for the cubase licence or my MIDI keys to go, hence the need for a usb hub.

feeling some buyers remorse (for Macbook - only 2 USBs) and for UR 28 (audio only no midi on this interface)

Suggestions please. !!! :smiley: :smiley: