UR12 5V DC Not Working

Hi there. Randomly my UR12 will not power on via the 5V DC connection. I had everything setup and working properly without any issues.

Out of nowhere I started getting a TERRIBLE delay/echo/reverb/robot sound in my headphones. I rebooted my machine, deleted and reinstalled drivers, the whole 9. After disconnecting everything, I noticed that as soon as I removed the USB 2.0 connection in the back, the lights dropped out. This didn’t make any sense to me as I have always (since Wednesday 12-FEB-2019, I just got this box) had the power source as 5V and not the USB 2.0 into my PC. I THINK that is what is causing the terrible sounds, the fact that its not being powered by 5V any more, and using the USB connection into the motherboard.

I have tried different cables, different power bricks, different outlets - nothing. I can not get power to this box with the 5V connection. Do I have any options here, or am I looking at needing to replace this thing?

Thanks in advance.