UR12 Audio Drop-Outs

I have a UR12 and the audio seems to drop out once every five minutes for about a half-second, and the lights will quickly flash off and on. There is also frequently distortion during playback. The interface is plugged into a USB 2.0 port, and I’m running with an i3, 8gbs of RAM, and I’m on Wi-Fi. I’ve gone through various threads and nothing really seems to work, so if one of those is the problem, or if you think it’s something else, please let me know, because this has been happening for about a month now and it’s really starting to bug me.

Check your power settings to make sure there are no USB-related power saving settings active.
Are you running the UR12 off a powered USB hub? (if not, does the UR12 come with a power adapter? Try that if you didn’t already.)
Run DPC latency checker to see if and when latency spikes occur.

The interface is plugged directly into the computer itself, no hub. I’ve already tried DPC Latency, and my Wi-Fi driver does occasionally cause it to spike, but there’s nothing I can do about that. So, I’m going to try the first method and see if it helps. Thank you very much.

Hi, I have the same issue witn UR22mkii. Audio drop out with light flash. Sometime often sometime not frequent. Still trying to figure out.
May I ask what windows version you use. Did you update graphic driver to the newest one?

I use windows10 when I got problem. I was use Win8 with no problem.