UR12 driver for XP

I have windows XP SP3 32bits.
I need a driver for ur12

Please help!

You can find Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V1.5.2 in this package:

It says it works on Win XP SP3. But I don’t know if it supports UR12. Maybe it’s worth to try.

EDIT: Or maybe this one (v 1.6.1) would be better candidate:

See more options in:
(click “*View former versions” links)

Thank you for the tried, do not fit. Have to install W10.

I installed this driver for Win32 (Toshiba L102 laptop + Windows XP, SP2). Installation sucessfull, then I attach my Yamaha MG10XY mixer, windows told that he found new hardware, but then it hangs up and stop working. Task manager shows that there is 100% processor utilization and cannot run any program. Very sad :frowning: Wanted to use my old donkey longer :slight_smile: Cubase SX3 works on it very well.

Tried with Steinberg UR242 audio interface, the same situation.

Sorry, for a suitable driver for XP SP3 UR12 does not exist. Tried everything. Installed WIN10. The problem is solved. Thank you for participating. P. S. the music by Arthur Neeman gorgeous! Never heard before…

Thank you, @technolog_63 :slight_smile:

I quit hopes to connect UR242 or MG10XU to my old laptop. Evolution pushes down the dinosaurs :smiley: