UR12 dropouts

Hey there, my UR12 has had audio/power dropouts and I’ve been trying very hard to investigate the issue.
The dropouts ONLY occur when the OFFICIAL driver is installed and on a Windows 10 (haven’t tried other versions) device, be it laptop or desktop.

I can use it via OTG on my Mi A1 Android phone and have 0 issues, no dropouts. I’ve also tried to use it with a dedicated USB PSU, no luck there either.
If I uninstall the official driver from my PC, and simply use the generic audio driver supplied by windows, I don’t have audio dropouts, HOWEVER I get strange distortion (almost like a post process effect) applied to the output seemingly at the same rate as the previously mentioned dropouts.

I’m running the latest firmware on the device, currently the Windows generic driver (random distortion prefered over audio cuts) and the latest Windows 10 1903 build (however, same issues arised on 1809, 1803 and 20H1 insider previews).

My system specs are as follows if needed:
CPU: I5-4460
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600mhz
GPU: GTX 1060 3GB
PSU: 650w
Storage: Fast and plenty.

Any help regarding these issues would be very appreciated, thanks in advance.

try this.

Go to the Nvidia application icon in the system tray.
In the LHS menu, select Manage 3D applications.
select the Program Settings Tab

Select Cubase from the applications list, if its not there go looking for the Cubase.exe
in the menu below select the following 2 items

Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance.
Thread optimisation: Off

That’s it, your drop outs should be considerably improved. Good Luck

Thanks for the post! Unfortunately this solution doesn’t apply to me, as I currently don’t have Cubase installed.
The audio problems happen globally.

Within the official driver, I played around with buffer and sample rate settings to no avail.
The issues also happens regardless of USB port, or Windows 10 based system. It really does seem to be driver related, would be it worth installing and trying out older driver software? Perhaps from the included disc?

Well ignore the bit about Cubase and apply it it globally then. It may just work, if you go through all the posts in the hardware section of the form you will find a few problems with Nvidia card and the UR drivers. I know because I have one myself.

if you are using asrock motherboard instal charging app! it fixed my problem on dropout issues!