UR12 input/output DAW confusion

[UPDATE - solved! See my post below for more information]

Hi everyone,

I just bought a new UR12 today, and have installed the latest drivers on my Macbook (running Sierra) and the latest firmware on the UR12.

I am trying to connect my guitar to the Mac (I have the guitar lead plugged into the HI-Z and the UR12 connected directly to the Mac by USB) and use Logic Pro to record, but nothing seems to work as expected. I have the direct monitor switched off on the UR12, and audio monitoring switched on in Logic. If I set the input to Steinberg UR12 and the output to built-in/headphone, I can hear nothing, and nothing is recorded when I hit record. If I set both input and output to Steinberg UR12, I have the same problem. The only way I have been able hear anything or record anything is by selecting “Enable Loopback” in the USB driver control panel, and then I get constant high-pitched feedback.

Output and Input 2 are both turned up on the UR12, +48V and direct monitor are both switched off. I have tried the same things in Garage Band, so the problem doesn’t seem to be specific to Logic.

So my questions are:

  1. Should input: UR12, output: headphones, enable me to both hear and record in Logic?
  2. Why is no sound input detected in Logic even when both input and output are set to UR12?

Thanks for any help in advance!

I am unfamiliar with Logic but to answer your first question: yes, this is basic functionality in all DAWs.

Unless your unit is broken I’m pretty convinced you need to check your routing and settings. Your description about how you connect things seems pretty sollid (Hi-Z/phantom power off etc.) but I think you need to set the line input in your DAW.

So obviously first select the UR12 in your DAW and make proper settings like select the driver and all other settings then open a track and make sure the input of that track is coming from line 2 (the Hi-Z input) and route the output to the UR12.

Again I’m unsure how Logic needs setting up so you’re probably best off checking that forum/manual but in essence all DAWs are the same. You might have to specify ‘headphones out’ specifically but in general outputting to the UR12 should be enough.

Lastly take a look at dspMixfx and check if the channels are set and active (if you see input levels on the meter) so you’ll know for sure the device is working properly.

Thanks for the detailed reply, Spiritos.

It ended up being a couple of very easy things to fix, after much mucking around. For reference to others who might read this:

Firstly I created an aggregate output device in Audio MIDI Setup (which is in Utilities): just hit the + button down the bottom, then Create Aggregate Device. Create an aggregate of the Built-in Output and Steinberg UR12 (this will need to be connected by USB), with clock source set to the Built-in Output, and Drift Correction selected for Steinberg UR12. Give it a sensible name like “Built-in and Steinberg aggregate.” In Logic, go to Preferences > Audio > Devices. For your output device, select your newly-created aggregate device, and for input select Steinberg UR12. You might need to play around with the buffer size - the higher the number of samples, the more latency you get, but how much will depend on your system. Apply changes.

Then, for whatever track you have selected, you need to go to the left panel, beneath I/O, and select Input > Input 2 (that’s the Hi-Z input on the UR12 - this was a frustratingly simple thing I originally missed). Select ‘I’ on the selected track to monitor input with the software, and everything should work like a charm.

I am an immature recordist. I own UR12. during recording I have to keep on switching between monitor speakers and headphone. For this I have to get up every time and switch off speakers if I have to use only headphones. Is there any solution to this ?

@yunus this is an issue I have struggled with myself (UR12 and Cubase Elements). From what I have read, the only solution would be to use ASIO4ALL as the default audio driver in your DAW. ASIO4ALL manages all the other audio drivers at once, so in theory, you should be able to set all your devices/programs to use A4A driver and it lets them pick from the driver list A4A has. I tried this with some success, but could not get all my drivers to work. I was trying to use bluetooth earbuds to monitor and the UR12 as input, but I have an HP Elitebook, which comes loaded with all sorts of bloatware, including its’ own HP audio driver, a Bang & Olufsen audio manager and who know what else; when I tried to deactivate/uninstall these, I ended up with no sound. If you are using a MAC, I think A4A will work well for you.

Good luck,