Ur12 Interface no longer recognised (unsolved)


I’m posting again about this as I’ve had no luck sorting it.

Cubase no longer recognises my UR12. I saw a message also that said ‘UR12 unmapped’.

To test whether my computer was the issue, I tried audacity, which did recognise the interface.


Just judging by your screenshot, it looks like you have the wrong ASIO driver selected.
Is your interface available in the Studio Setup Dialog under Audio System?

Unfortunately there’s nothing showing up. As I say, it never used to be an issue, and was listed in the audio connections.


Same problem here.
. Audio connections in studio setup doesn’t recognize my ur-rt interface (as well as my other ur interfaces).
I’m still using c 11 which still recognizes my ur interfaces. … waiting for c 12 fix.

my mistake … thanks mlindeb.