UR12 - Multitrack Recording Issue

Hi Everyone,

I’m quite new to home recording and there’s an issue I’ve been having from the start that bugs me everytime I need to record something.
I’m using the interface UR12 with cubase LE AI 8 and what I actually want is to record my guitar with the instrument input (Hi-Z) and my vocals with the mic input, each one in one separate audio track. I’ve tried recording it stereo or with two mono connections related to each of the inputs and it’s always the same: Both of my audio tracks display the same thing! It’s like they’re getting mixed up somewhere and I can’t figure it out where. The only difference between the two tracks is that one of them variates the sound intensity randomly with the recording time (reaaally weird).

When I look at the mix console is clear that both signals are equal, because if I only play the guitar or sing at the mic, both sound levels from the monitor go up. The problem is clearly not the bleeding from the guitar into the mic, also because of the sound intensity.

Has anyone already experienced this or have any idea of what’s happening?

Many thanks in advance,