UR12 not detected after sleep on Mac OSX

Hello all,

I’m having some troubles with my UR12 when my Mac goes to sleep mode connected through a usb hub.
What happens is when I wake up the computer the UR12 is not detected and I need to reconnect it again. My setup is a usb hub with external disc a keyboard and UR12 connected.
The external disc and keyboard works normally and the system recognize it after wake up.

The only solution that I’ve found is to connect the UR12 directed to usb port, or switching off and on after waking up computer…

Another thing is that the UR12 does not auto switch off, it remains with the white led in sleep should it be switched off to save energy?
I have all the latest drivers and firmwares and the Catalina version.

Thanks all.

Hi @asmithguitar

I have the dame issue with my UR12 on my HP laptop running Windows 10. I think the issue is software related (running Cubase Elements). I think the software and/or driver locks up when the computer sleeps; it needs to “re-initiate” the driver setup.

I don’t think there is a fix for this, unless it’s a setting on the computer related to the sleep settings.

Ket me know if you figure out any solution.