UR12 Not Recording

Im am using a UR12. Have my Bass plugged into the Hi-Z channel 2. I can hear it through the UR12 headphone jack but cannot record. Red screen appears but no wave form is recorded

Platform: Mac
Software: WaveLAb 9.5
Settings: Mac Audio Midi Settings: UR 12 set at 44,100 HZ (2 ch 24-bit integer)…“use this device for sound input/output” checked, however master stream controls are dimmed
Mac Sound Window: Steinberg UR 12 highlighted
Wavelab settings: Recording window settings: Sample rate 44, 100 Hz, Bit depth 24, Channel: Stereo

Anything settings that I am missing?

Same issue. It happened after I updated my Mac OS to Catalina, cannot find any help …