This audio interface of mine the UR12 is having some issues.

I recently bought an hp elitebook 8750w and when I tried to connect, this happened.

First of, I connect laptop to UR12 with usb, then I plug the microphone Jack in my amp (since I don’t have left right cords) and there’s a freaking noise in the background that’s like the electric circuits of my cou working because accordingly to what I do like change website or else the noise will go louder or less. This is when nothing plays. If I start music, it’ll be OK quality sound with some robotic noises when like there’s too much infos to process.

I tried trouble shouting the situation, meaning I played my amp with only my guitar and it’s fine. I tried using the audio plugs with ear buds in my laptop and it’s fine no noises. But when I get to my interface with earphones, there’s not much noise in the back but there will be some of the robotics noises at some point when some infos is processed or idk. My laptop speakers are fine and I take care to toggle them off when I try to make work the UR12. It is just super weird since I also downloaded the latest version of the driver just today because of that.

Is it broken lol? Have any of you had any experience similar? Could it be my laptop?
If anyone wants to hear it I can upload some videos