UR12 under-performing

I have an Aston Origin mic and some Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones, and I have to run my UR12 mic input at 95% and my headphone output at 100%…just to get a decent volume for a waveform and for close listening on my cans. (not screaming loud, either). The interface just seems incapable of handling these two. I have rented and tried various pre-amp and boosters but they all add noise to the simple system.
Has anyone else found this unit wanting? I’m not asking a lot here, just a simple system, free of noise, without running at full blast, in and out.

What say yee?

Re: the above problem…I have since taken my UR12 in to be tested. It came off ok. The mic I had, has been swapped for an exact double (as I find the mic qualities of this mic to be sensational) and there is a 3 dB increase with the newer one, so I don’t have to turn my UR12 up to 95% on mic and 100% on cans. I can now set the Input dial at 3 o’clock and, therefore, the amp noise is much less (although I think …ANY… noise in the system, even at 100% …should not happen in this age of 2017…lowest cost version of the interface, or not.)


“You cannot change the laws of physics”

  • Montgomery Scott

Noise is inevitable result of quantum physics. You will never be able to have an analog circuit without ANY noise.