UR12/UR22 periodic clicking, popping, screaming distortion

Hello, first time posting;
I purchased a UR12 eight months ago and up until a few days ago have not had a problem, in fact I have been able to record some very nice stuff. I unplugged it from my desktop PC for a few hours and when I plugged it back in I had lost the drivers. So I reinstalled them but began to experience a periodic clicking, popping, screaming distortion sound. By fluke, i figured out that by switching my input/outputs in the VST connections it would immediately go away for a while (a half hour or so) then it would return. I suspected a problem with the UR12 and returned it. I purchased a UR22 hoping to solve, and it did for about 10 hrs of operation, then it returned, not as frequent, but still pretty bad when it comes.
Win 10, AMD A10, Cubase 8. PLS HELP!!!