UR12 + Windows 10

Not a new topic i’d guess, but I only upgraded to Windows 10 on Saturday, and as a result I lost the ability to use my Focusrite Saffire (Original) interface as now it turns out VIA Chipsets on Firewire controllers do not work.

I’d rather keep it as its working fine and I have no issues (So if anyone has any firewire advice id love to hear that)

But failing it, I probably would change to the UR12. Seems a nice interface, has all I need, my only concern is Phantom Power.

As I use a condenser mic, that needs the phantom power, I am concerned the USB drain maybe too much for my system, but on the other hand it may not.

I use a 620W PSU, runs 3 hard drives, AMD hex core phenom 2, 16gb RAM, RX560 graphics card, 3 x Hard disk, 2 x DVD RW and about 6 case fans. Also off that I have regular mouse, keyboard off USB, my Korg padKontrol, and Alesis Q49 , I think I am OK with power, had no drop outs yet. so I should be OK with power but uncertain.

Anyone else running similar ? And is the UR12 100% OK with Windows 10, all research so far says it is fine.

And any experiences with the UR12 in general ? all will help me decide, thanks.