UR12 with iPhone12 and 2 line input


I am using the Steinberg U12 a lot with Cubase on Windows, which works awesome.
But one reason I bought it, is the possibility to connect it to my iPhone.

This is also working good, but I have one problem when recording movies with camera roll and other video apps (I like “Acapella” alot, easy loop station model with video ).

The problem is that UR12 by default delivers the Microphone input to be on left side and the guitar being recorded on the second line which is played right.

Is there a possibility (either for the interface or iOS config) to switch that to both lines recorded for L and R?

Hope my description is clear.
Best Regards,

Hi Marco
Afaik there is no way to have the soundcard do what you want to do, but rather a function of the app you are running, where you should be able to set inputs to mono.

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