UR12 worked perfectly until I unplugged it.

I am so frustrated. I’m trying to set up a (Windows 10) laptop so I can work on Cubase away from home. So I picked up an inexpensive UR12 and yesterday, successfully installed it on the lap top and got it working in Cubase with no problems at all. And the installation was fast - I just downloaded the driver from Steinberg, installed it, plugged the device into the USB 3.0 port on the lap top and that was it. It worked immediately. I didn’t have to sign on with admin privileges, didn’t have to restart.

Today my crime was to unplug the USB 3.0 before shutting down the laptop. Well, it feels like it was a crime because I haven’t been able to get it back and have been working on it for about 4 hours. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, changed USB ports. I have changed cables (which is ridiculously like losing your car keys and then checking the pockets of winter coats you haven’t worn for 3 years). I have used the software on the CD to install the driver, I have signed in with admin privileges. I have disconnected all USB devices except mouse and keyboard. I have changed the order of rebooting and plugging the device in.

And that little light on the UR12 just keeps flashing. It means that the computer doesn’t recognize the audio device. And it really doesn’t. It no longer shows up in Hardware and Sound.

Any advice is most welcome!

If you are sure the USB ports are working, try going into the windows device manager and, if listed, uninstall the UR device from there (check every folder entry). Also, un/re-install the UR mixer and driver software through the windows remove apps menu. Hopefully it will auto re-install when you plug it back in.

Regards :sunglasses:

Solved - returned it to the seller, and found, in my basement, an old Behringer Xenyx 302. No drivers needed, plugged it in and it works.