UR22, 32bit float

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Today I got a UR22, and I love it but there is one problem. In Asio4all drivers it says In:24bit, Out:24bit, is there any way i can change that to 32bit, i had a very old sound card EMU 0202 which was showing 32bit in, out, and also on other brands you can see 32bit … Here is also the picture.

  1. Why are you using ASIO4ALL and not UR22’s native driver?
  2. There is no commercial 32-bit a/D or D/A converters. If driver let’s you choose “32-bit” option it only means the bit reduction is done inside the driver/digital hardware instead of your DAW (which may or may not be better than reduction inside the DAW depending on driver/hardware/usage profile).

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Thank you for your reply Jarno :slight_smile:.
I am new to this card and stuff :slight_smile: on my old card I used asio4all because it din’t have official drivers only beta drivers, so it was a habit :blush:. Official UR22’s driver doesn’t have option to chose between 32bit, 24bit and 16bit. But I totally forgot that the internal playback in DAW’s is 32bit and in some DAW’s you have the option to choose as I recall. :blush:. Thank you again for your reply :slight_smile:.

Dafter, don’t worry too much about 32bit vs. 24bit. You won’t hear the difference. 32bit is used internally in Cubase for headroom and processing. Your soundcard hardware is max 24bit in/out, so he last 8 bits is truncated, unless you dither the output. But dither should normally only be done to 16bit.


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Cool I get it now :slight_smile:. Thank you for your help guys :slight_smile:.