UR22 AI only outputs in mono (left)

Recently bought an UR22. Very new at these things so bear with me.

Using Windows 7. Up until now I’ve used the internal on board sound device. I transferred the speakers to the UR22 after installing it, and there’s only sound in the left speaker. Doesn’t matter what source it is (videos, music, cubase, guitar rig, games). Same with my headphones, only left ear.

What I’ve tried:

  • Different headphones and also tried moving the cables around to the speakers. (They are connected to a 5.1 system subwoofer so there’s alot of ports. I only thought to use 2.0 in the UR22 though. However, since the headphones are also only playing in left ear that doesn’t seem to matter)
  • Installed latest drivers to the UR22
  • Switched USB-port
  • Checked the balance properties of UR22 in windows, both left and right are at full volume

Googled alot and searched this forum, to no avail. Help!

No one?