UR22 Analog Input/Daw/External Synth setup

Hello I have some problems routing my Virus Ti 2 Synthesizer (analog cables) (output 1&2) → input 1&2 UR22 (USB) → Computer (DAW:Ableton).
I’m using the UR22 as the main audio interface in Ableton but it doesnt seem to stream the sound from my synth to ur 22, at least im not getting any sound peaks in any of my channels in my daw.

Im assuming the analog ports in the rear of the ur22 does work with a external synth like the virus 2 and should be able to proccess the incoming audio …

Ableton Settings:
Driver type ASIO
Audio Device: Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
Input Config: 1/2 Stereo
Output Config: 1/2 Stereo

Soundcard ASIO Settings:
Sample rate 44.1 kHz
Clock source: Internal
Buffer: 512

i hope someone can help me, thanks!

Sounds like you set it up correctly. Do you have any other signal source you can try to make sure it’s not the virus?