UR22 and Cubase AI

Hi all, a friend of mine wants to join the world of DAWs. I have been a Cubase user of 20 odd years so of course I am recommending he joins the gang. I have recommended the UR22 as an interface as it comes with Cubase A1 to get him started. He is a keyboard player so midi is going to be his thing with a bit of audio to supplement his project. I use Cubase pro 11 with focusrite interface. I am happy with my set up but don’t want my mate to spend loads of dosh on this if it isn’t a goer. Is the UR22 the right way to go to whet his appetite? It looks like a good starter pack to me but conscious there are other routes. Any thoughts or opinions?


I can support your choice.

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I’ve had the UR22 MkII for a number of years. I personally think it’s great. It also has midi in outs which might be useful for your friend if he is a keyboard player. There is the Steinberg UR22 MkII Value Edition which includes Cubase Elements and Groove Agent 5. I would have loved that to be available when I started out.

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Good starting point. In lockdown I got a friend to buy it and I used zoom screen share to help him get started.

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Thanks everyone. Happy to say that my mate has made the purchase. Hopefully he will be joining us one here soon.