UR22 and Dell XPS 15 Win10 - any audio glitching?

Curious if anybody else has this combination of hardware.

If I am recording electronic beats, on playback sometimes I will hear it “skip” some time, and after counting beats I realize the recording time is missing some small amount of time. It seems like the hardware was distracted for a moment during recording.

This has absolutely driven me crazy.

Now, I put the laptop in airplane mode.
I turn off Windows Defender.
I make sure to use Yamaha ASIO drivers.

It isn’t every recording that it happens to (just the long/important ones).

Other than try a different audio interface, or a different laptop, I’m not sure what to do.
There are a million people with Dell XPS who are mad about the Realtek drivers and crappy audio it comes with, but I am using Yamaha UR22 drivers.
Does any of this sound familiar?

Thanks for reading and any reply!