UR22 and desktop microphone

So, I was hoping to use my UR22 as device for online chat, with a ModMic fron Antlion. It’s a normal straight forward jack microphone, which im trying to plug into the both 1 and 2. With no luck on getting sound. Am i missing something here?

the mic;

Get a balanced jack to XLR adapter thing or cut off the plug and solder on an XLR

Ah, ok. So basically, the 3 pin have a different routing inside the box than the jack has? And if that is correct, i will assume anything on the jack will be a straight line in, with no amping?

I can solder, im just unsure about how to connect from the 3 pin to the jack, but i have an old cord i can split and see . Thanks for reply.

X pin 1 L pin 2 R pin 3
Tip to pin 2 ring to pin 3 screen to pin 1

Thanks, i’ll give that a shot if i find that darn cable.

I managed to order the wrong one yesterday, the advert didn’t say mono until i got the shipping mail, so I’m getting a 3pin male to 6.3mm mono jack, not sure how that will work…

Tried it, and it doesn’t work. Used a 3 pin XLR male, and i soldered a mini jack to it, but no combination gave me any sound from the mic, tried all the guides there are, but nothing.

Did you ever get an answer? I have the same problem. I bought two XLR to phono adapters. I’m using those and a few more adapters to hook up the mic on my headpset. Complete silence.