UR22 and Outboard FX

Hi all, i have just purchased a TC Helicon VoiceWorks Plus (VW+) I am still waiting for delivery so thought i would check up on best way to connect. I now fear I may have made an error purchasing this as there is no USB connectivity which may be a problem as I only have a Steinberg UR22 interface. The UR22 only has 2 inputs and 2 outs. I can easily route my mic to the VW+ then the outs to the ins of the UR22 but this would mean I am always recording the effected vocal so have no option to then change the effects. I would like to record dry vocal to DAW and then route this to the VW+ as a send and record the return to a new track. I can then use the VW+ on say a backing vocal in the same way. Is this possible with the UR22 and VW+ or do i need to purchase a different interface. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.