UR22 and Studiologic SL161 MIDI Controller Keyboard

After 12 years away from making music I am now starting to get back into it again. I am now using an iMac 5k retina and am thinking of buying Cubase. On Windows I used to just plug my Stuiologic SL161 MIDI controller keyboard directly into the MIDI socket on my sound card in order to record notes into my DAW and play VST instruments. Will a UR22 audio interface allow me to do this? The SL161 is powered by an external power supply NOT USB.

Hi Zasker,

the UR22 provides a standard MIDI input and output for connecting other MIDI gear like your Fatar SL161.
So you can easily connect your master keyboard to the UR22. On top of that together with the UR22 you will get Cubase AI, a streamlined version of Cubase.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hi Stefan,
Excellent. Thanks for that. I’m really looking forward to making music again.

Kind regards,