UR22 and Windows 10

I have a laptop running Windows 10 64 bit with 32Gb RAM and an i7 processor. Nearly 2 months ago I purchased a UR22, which worked flawlessly for about a month. 1 day Sonar popped up a message saying that the audio subsystem had crashed, and my laptop could no longer see my UR22. I rebooted, and everything started working again. It all worked OK for a few more days until the same thing happened, but this time, a reboot did not solve the problem. I then uninstalled the driver, rebooted, reinstalled the driver, but still my laptop would not see my UR22. I no longer get the sound Windows plays when a USB device is plugged in, and the USB light on the UR22 initially glows, but after about 5 seconds it starts flashing and stays that way. I have gone through the uninstall, reboot, reinstall process at least a dozen times, but the problem persists.

Last night I noticed a new version of the driver was available (the 1.96 version), so I downloaded, uninstalled the old, rebooted, installed the new driver, but still my laptop will not recognise the UR22 when it is plugged in. I realise that a faulty UR22 is probably the least likely reason for my problem, but at this stage I cannot come to any other conclusion.

Can anybody help me, or should I be getting back to the retailer I purchased my UR22 from and asking if I should return it?