Ur22 Asio problem wth Win7 64bit

Turns out my motherboard had a tuning program that loads with windows so if I wanted to change my preocessor speed exc…I just that was interfering with the asio drive cuz after closing the program it works fine.Maybe this will help anybody with a similar problem

I just bought a Ur22 to upgrade from my Steinberg MI4. But now Im have a problem with Asio driver always glitching no matter what buffer size. It even gliches when playing music thru windows media player. It also clicks and glitch on input 1 wen nothings even plugged in, so now I can’t record on input 1 cuz it would record the clicking sound. I know its a driver problem cuz I hook it up to my Win Xp cpu and it works just fine. I’m wondering if anybody got it to work with something similar to my computer specs. And MI4 works just fine on the same set up.It also works fine on a win7 32bit laptop.

Windows 7 64 bit
8 gig ram
quad core AMD
Cubase 7
glitch sample.mp3 (191 KB)