UR22 audio crackling and popping.


I’ve figured out (thanks to latencymon), that it’s my nvidia graphics card (nvlddmkm.sys) that is causing most of the problems. I’ve tried NVPMManager, but it didn’t solve the problem. It also helps if I turn off my integrated lan -card and turn off that nvidia, but I’m not really happy about the fact that I don’t have internets then and my integrated graphscard doesn’t support my display resolution so making music with those 2 turned off really isn’t an option.

Latencymon also says that there’s problems with directx kernel (dxgkrnl.sys… thought this doesn’t happen when nvidia is turned off) and usbport.sys.

So could anyone help with this? I’ve done ****load of googling and done this and that but now I have to raise my hands up and ask for help :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on core2duo, 4gb, x86 win7 pro.

Have to add that built in soundcard works fine, without crackles. And on asio4all latest drivers. I’d almost think that something is messing my usb ports since latencymon says that I shouldn’t be able to do realtime streaming but still there’s no single audio drop when using mobo audio but everything wents crazy when I plug ur22 to usb port.

Also it doesn’t matter if the buffer is set to 128 or 512. Of course 512 adds latency but soundwise doesn’t matter. I also ran loads of tests to my pc and second cpu is dropping occasionally to 2000 when it should be 3000 (dualcore 3ghz). There’s no any powersavings so it’s a bit… hm… Memory is ok and doesn’t have any issues.