UR22…bars are moving but no sound…please help?

I’ll preface by saying I am a newbie. Really appreciate it someone can help me.

Problem: No Sound output

I have a MacbookPro (version 10.8), Kurzweil k2000, Fender Strat, Maschine, Cubase 7, UR22. I bought this last weekend and have only been able to use the UR22 as a midi device on my Native Instrument Maschine.

I have Midi in/out from K2000 to UR22 and USB from UR22 to Mac. Installed as suggested. I am getting bars moving in both Mac Sound control board and on the Cubase 7 (there is sound signal coming in) but I am getting zero sound coming out of my speakers or headphones. (I have checked output channels and no mute buttons are pressed and the bars indicate that there is signal).

Interestingly, I plugged in my guitar yesterday using the second slot on the UR22 front panel and got sound using Guitar Rig but it was horrible distorted and crackly but when I unplugged the USB and plugged back in, the sound vanished and now I have nothing once again.

Can someone help…I am sitting in the doldrums until I can figure this out. Where do I go for help on this (I submitted a support request but have not heard back)? Is it maybe a Cubase issue? (I did check the R and W options among other things) Mac? UR22?