UR22; blinking light and not connecting to Win 10


My setup with UR22, Yamaha USB driver, and Cubase AI 7 worked fine for a long time; I’ve recorded plenty with it. But then I had to unplug a bunch of things from my pc and when I put them together the UR22 has a white blinking light for USB.

I saw other threads on this and tried some things but to no avail. I unplugged the UR22, uninstalled and reinstalled latest download of the Yamaha USB driver, turned off pc, plugged in UR22, and started. I’ve done this quite a few times but still get the same thing.

Anything else to check? Again, this all used to work with the same setup (although I had a previous Yamaha driver - don’t know where the original one is). Thanks very much for your help.

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First for what you had to unplug your whole setup? And than which Version of the Yamaha Steinberg driver you are current using and which Version you had before of it?

I had unplugged all the USB ports and then later on turned on the PC before plugging them back in. I didn’t use Cubase right away, but about two weeks later. So, exactly same hardware and everything, no software changes. That’s all.

I don’t know what Yamaha driver version driver I had before. I bought the UR22 two years ago and installed it then. The one I have now, which I just downloaded, is 1.9.9.

Please advise. Thanks.

Note the screen shot of the Yahama Driver in the Windows control panel. It opens but seems to indicate that it hasn’t loaded properly.

Just a few thoughts…

  • I see you did this once already but try and download the new driver again then uninstall the old new one and install the new new one again.
  • The same link above does have an older driver available (near the bottom). It is not for Win 10 but… you said the older one was working so… if all else fails, give it a go.

  • Also, this note is from one of the release notes from an older version. Maybe it applies to you?

If the Yamaha USB Audio Driver is already installed on your computer, be sure to uninstall it
before installing Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. There is a possibility that the Yamaha
Steinberg USB Driver will not work properly if the Yamaha USB Audio Driver is installed on the
same computer.

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What Prock have said is really good for you, i think.
when this can´t help you, i think it is time to take a look at your operating system.
i use the UR22 with Windows 8.1 on a HP 15-series notebook and ´til now it works fine, but i even had not reinstalled the drivers or the system in any bigger process, yet. Did you´ve updated to Windows 10 from an older previous version?


Does the UR22 itself have a warranty? I believe mine is actually broken.

The problems I described above are on my pc, so as another test I installed the Yamaha driver on a Windows 10 laptop, turned off, plugged in the UR22, turned laptop on, and I get the same thing: UR22 has a blinking light and that screenshot I added above.

Is this UR22 hosed and I need a new one?

Maybe you should contact Steinberg support through your MySteinberg account. Hopefully they can assist.

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I had the same problem.
A 100% fix for me was connecting it to an cheap usb hub with an external Power Adapter.
The Interface draws with Phantom power around 200mAh, apperenty too mutch for my Pc :(.
Maybe this helps.

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I solve this problem with USB Hub before stick into USB Doc.

the Topics was really old. but I saw so many similar topics on the Web.
I don’t know how it work for other people’s enviroments.

however, here is route map.
Macbook ↔ USB Doc ↔ USB Hub ↔ Original Type-B USB cable ↔ UR22

i hope this will works for someonnelse.