UR22 - blinks when PC off.


I’ve been using my UR22 happily for the past months, no issues at all, however, when I turn off my PC the USB led light in the front keeps blinking. I unplug the usb cable from the back and before turning on my PC I plug it back in. Is there a way to let the unit plug and that when my PC is off it wont blink?



the blinking light indicates that the UR22 is not connected to it’s driver.
So, what you describe here looks like the correct behaviour and the only way to warn the user that the unit is not connected (or lost connection, if in use) to the driver.

Hope this helps.

I see… so if I understand correctly, if I’m not using my computer (it’s completely off) the light has to blink all the time. Is that right?

Yes, correct. Being a USB indicator, it blinks to warn the user the unit lost connection to the host or a USB cable is not present. If not connected to a (running) computer, it will blink.

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