UR22 'Buffering' on OS10.9 Mavericks

Just got a UR22 and when playing audio through it after a few minutes it starts to behave likes it’s buffering the audio. It stops audio for a second then recommences or stammers and stutters before stopping. Much like listening to internet radio over a low bit rate connection.

There is mention of a future update here –> http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=49279#p300088 with the statement of don’t update to Mavericks (too late) but that is now a few weeks old and I’m wondering if this is the fix to the my issue and we just have to wait or if it could be something else.

At present my UR22 is sitting here looking at me with it’s one green eye with audio promises of things to come but as yet is nothing but an expensive paper weight.

Aloha I. The smart money says:

Standing by here as well.

I’ve updated to the latest driver and none of these issues have been resolved. I basically have a piece of shit on my desk.

Between all the audio noise it seems like a decent unit but it’s presently unusable.

If this isn’t fixed I’ll try to return the unit as faulty and get something that works. :cry:

It still isn’t fixed, I just bought my UR22 a few days ago and am having this same issue. They say to install the core audio update driver but I can’t install that. It goes through the process of install but then my install button is “grayed” out and won’t let me finish.

If you have problems though the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver (1.8.3) is installed you probably have an iMac with Fusion Drive. There is a specific issue with these machines that needs to be addressed by Apple. We will provide further information on this later today - tomorrow at the latest.

If you are using fusion drives, please see http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=52469

I have the same problem with my iMac, late 2013, i7, 16 gb RAM and Fusion Drive.
Apple support told me that they didn’t received any news about an issue like this and that in their opinion it has to be fixed by audio interfaces producers…

i tried also to install core audio update driver without success. as Bassface74 described “I can’t install that. It goes through the process of install but then my install button is “grayed” out and won’t let me finish” exactly the same thing that happened to me.

Could you please tell us if Core audio update is necessary for UR22 users?

I am sorry to hear that the Apple support wasn’t aware of this issue. Apple has already agreed to fix it on their end.
The CoreAudio2ASIO patch is not related to the audio interface but to the software in use. If there is no application installed that needs to be patched, you do not need it. Also, as the UR22 comes with a dedicated driver, you do not need the patch anyway as it is only meant for Class compliant devices.

I just ordered a UR824. Pardon my ignorance of the meaning of the term “class compliant”. Since drivers specific to the UR824 need to be installed, therefore I DO NOT need to install the CoreAudio Patch?