UR22-C Audio dropouts

Hello! So i bought a UR22-c last week and installed it on my windows 10 x64 PC.

I have had regular dropouts on youtube and spotify, not as much on Reaper (DAW). I have done so much to work it out but to no success! I have done the following:

*Updated my motherboard and BIOS.
*Trying out diffrent USB ports
*Swapping between khz samplerate and bitrate on the interface
*Updated steinberg drivers, uninstall, reinstall, installing with compability mode.

I have narrowed it down to this problems: It seems windows 10 cannot migrate it, I also get a notification that it is safe to remove my Steinberg UR22C (it is constantly poresent) like windows think it is a USB memory stick or something?
I have followed so many guides on internet to make it work with windows not finding it or migrating it, to no success.
I tried the UR22C on my partners Macbook and it worked flawess, no dropouts.

Before the UR22C I had en old Audiobox Usb from 2013 (discontinued) I reinstalled it after uninstalling steinberg and my Audiobox still works fine and no dropouts!

Have anyone else had issues with windows not migrating UR22C correctly=

I have the UR22mkii, not the C version. Although, it seems the Yamaha USB driver just doesn’t work well in Win10, or from the sounds of it, on Apple OS either. I used UR22 for a few years without problems on Win7.

Like you, I have an older interface (Line6 PodXT, I think 12 or 13 years old). I plugged it into my system having issues with the UR22. No drop outs whatsoever. The drivers (Yamaha) are the problem. I’ve seen many people reporting sending in support tickets and not having a response. It’s a shame because the unit is well made and has the features I find most important (MIDI, external adapter power, HI-Z input).

I bought my UR22 a while ago but the depressing thing is, hardware hasn’t really improved much. So if I spend another $250 CAD to get a similar interface (looking at Rubix 22), I don’t really get an upgrade. Just another interface that does what UR22 was supposed to do all along.

Yep. No response from support when I had the dropout problems on my UR22c. Sorted it out by myself although
I did get some helpful advice indirectly from Steinberg.
I was close to going for the Roland Rubix 22 but liked the extra features of the UR (DAW/input mix control, 5v ext.supply, DSP).
Also the Rubix drivers, although reliable, looked quite limited with only fixed presets.
Wouldn’t go far wrong with one though.

How did you sort i out? On my UR22C, the USB light blinks once every now and then, and the sound drops out. Often the video lags as well.

Have as you tried every possible tweek to Win10 64, without any luck.


Sorry for the delay. Haven’t checked on here for a while.
My UR22c was running fine for a few months after buying a new lead and going through a Windows optimization guide.
Since a recent Windows update though, it’s started dropping out again. USB light blinks occasionally. More so on media playback and YouTube.
Not good and shouldn’t have to keep fine tuning the PC.
Had more reliable performance from a Focusrite 2i2 1st gen.
It does seem that the Yamaha driver works on some Windows 10 systems and not others.

I bought it last May so may be able to exchange for another make as it’s still under warranty. Steinberg support
is very slow so rather than wait for a driver update which may or may not fix it, best change it.