UR22 C both channels distorted

I’m connecting Cubase LE AI Elements 11.0.40 on a Windows 11 Home laptop to a Steinberg UR22 C.

I recently moved so I tore down my all my existing equipment and set it back up in my new space. Everything was working fine before the move. Everything seems to be working fine now except the feed from both DAW channels is intolerably distorted and seems latent as well. When I connect to Cubasis le 3 on my iPad everything is perfect so I know everything from URC22 upstream is OK. I’ve tried many different USB cables between UR22 and the laptop and it hasn’t resolve the problem.

When I connect to my iPad I use an Apple “camera adapter” but for whatever reason I don’t think I was using anything analogous to connect to my Windows system.

Any suggestions?

Check your driver, could be your system has some generic ASIO driver installed perhaps?
Have you tried playing back from Youtube or something?

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Bullseye. Thank you, Thank you.

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