UR22-C : buzzing noise in monitors

In order not to hear disturbing buzzing noises on my monitors all the time, I have to disconnect either the pc or the monitors from ground (in the power strip). this method works, but it can’t be serious! What is the cause? Bad grounding in house, interface or broken computer?

headphone output of the UR22C, strangely, is clean.

PC with windows 10
Yamaha HS 8 monitors

Did you used balanced cables to the monitors? if not, please do so.

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yes, balanced cables, no difference.
I have now my monitors powered in a ground-less socket: works.
But that is only hidding a real problem, I guess.

Could be something not perfect with the powersource/grounding in your house. But hey, it works.

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Yes, works,
but letting the yamaha speakers work groundless may be unhealthy… :thinking: