UR22-C no hardware view in CB Pro onM1 Mac

Ive just got a new MacBook Pro 14 and have installed the latest CB12 pro and tools and drivers for my UR22-C.
All seems to be working well. The Tools panel will open and i can make adjustments to the interface etc.
I can record and playback fine using the above, but i can’t get the inputs etc to show in the Inspector. Licking on the cog on the top right of the main minnow doesn’t have a show hardware tab.
I looked in Studio and there is nothing there for it. There is the option to add it as a device, but that doesn’t do anything.
Is this how things are at the moment with Mac? This is my firs tMac so maybe im missing something.

Well it seems to work if i use CB in Rosetta, but not Silicon Native.