UR22-C to USB-B

Hi All,

Can a USB-C to USB-B cord provide all functionality to the UR22-C where the USB-B plug is USB 3.2 Gen1?


Hi J,

It’s a bit of a bizarre question it seems, because there are no computer (or hubs) I know of that has a USB type-B connection (it’s more typical of devices, like a printer for ex.). I’m intrigued.

In USB world, you need a computer (called host port) connected to a device; you cannot have 2 devices together (or 2 hosts).

That said… if you do have a ‘host’ (computer or iPad pro for ex.) upstream that type-B port, it will work. About any USB cable of reasonable build quality will work, regardless of the connector type, as long as it’s a valid computer feeding it. Even in good old USB 2 mode, all features should work (albeit with a bit more latency).

If it doesn’t, please tell me more about your setup.

Also make sure your host computer (or hub) port can supply enough power, or otherwise simply use the wall plug transformer/supply.

Sorry, my mistake. I want to use a USB-C to USB-A cord to power and transfer data between the UR22C and my laptop.

Then the answer is very simple… No problem at all. :grin:

My last comment in the previous post about power is still a valid warning note though. Many laptops won’t provide reliable power, but yours might be fine…