Ur22 C using in Cubase

I bought ur 22 c mainly as a usb audiointerface for composing in Cubase 11 wih midi plugins
As i see it now all other functionality built in in ur 22 c is focussed on audio

Can i take advantage of these audio functionality : what can with it together with the Midi functionality ?
Note: i don’t play a guitar, only a microphone input

You should get lower latency compared to your computer built-in sound card. So even if you don’t use the audio functionality it should still be an improvement.

Do you use a midi keyboard? You should be able to achieve lower latency by using the interface and its driver even if the keyboard itself is connected to computer via USB.

Lower latency improved : always welcome.
Yes, i use a Komplete Kontrol MK2 midi kontroller connected via USB

I am curious if i can the audio functionality too in Cubase, in case i do want to do more with audio tracks composing.

Also very suprizing feature of the steinberg usb audio driver in UR 22 C is that i can watch videos with a voice what explaining something.
I am using Cubase and watch a video at the same time in Windows 10 pro 64 bit …fantastic

That was only possible for the Mac computer and i could never get this working in Windows a video and a DAW at the same time using, but now its possible !