I have in my headphones and line out the sound i got with Overloud distorsion or peavey reavalver. :wink:
But I can t record it! :nerd:
1 I record with reaper : I have the sound with Overloud distorsion .If I export in wav this track I have only the clear sound!
2 I record with an another sound card Behringer plugged on line out of UR22 or headphone out of Ur 22.
I can hear the sound with Overloud or Reavalver distorsion but I can only record in clear sound in Audacity.
1 Which is the mystery?
2 If I record from line out with a Tascam dp 008 or same will I have the sound clear or with distorsion?

That sounds like you are using some wrong settings in reaper. In the export options, see if you are including inserts.
I don’t use reaper at all so I have no idea where these settings are and what they look like, but you should be able to solve this within reaper from what I understand.