UR22 can't recognize Midi input in Garageband

Hi all,

Beginner to recording and working with all these components.

Got a UR22 interface a while back, and somehow got it working in garageband with my electronic drum kit as a media device. But at some point i installed midi-pipe http://midipipe.en.softonic.com/mac/download so I could reassign one of the values for rockband. and that worked for a bit, now absolutely nothing works.

i can’t get it to recognize the midi device in garageband, without midipipe running. Only when i open midi pipe does it say there is a midi input. if i close it, it says the midi input has been removed. but when it does say 1 midi device is recognized, i still can’t get it to play/record at all. The regular audio input part (i.e., plug in guitar) works fine.

so, uninstalled midipipe, and reinstalled the UR22 driver, and still it won’t recognize it in Garageband. it’s only the midi thing that isn’t working for me.

Help please!!!

Also of course, any tips on how to use this forum/where to post etc. are appreciated.