UR22:connect line out with unbalanced input of other device

i just purchased the UR22. The two line outputs are balanced.
To connect the output to e.g. a device with unbalanced input (e.g. RCA), would it be possible to use a cable with a TS jack?

by googling i found some answers that say that it might work, depending on the concrete hardware. As the output is impedance balanced, it might be ok to use a TS jack for the TRS output, thereby connecting ring and sleeve.

would this be possible for the UR22?

kind regards

Hi, I have same question. And there is no info on Steinberg. :frowning:

But I found some info on other pages. In UR22 outputs are impedance balanced, they are TRS not XLR. But this advice can be adapted:

Balanced outputs are very common on professional products. Unbalanced inputs are very common with vintage equipment and consumer electronics. Establishing proper inter-connections between balanced and unbalanced equipment is imperative for the performance of the system (and may also prevent damage to the equipment).

There are three types of balanced outputs: ‘impedance balanced’, ‘transformer balanced’, and ‘active balanced’. Each type of balanced output requires different considerations when connecting to an unbalanced load. With each case discussed, we will assume that 2-conductor (unbalanced) wire is being used, as 3-conductor wire will offer no advantages when driving unbalanced loads.

Devices with impedance-balanced outputs actively drive the hot output only. The cold output is tied to ground via a resistor that matches (or balances) the output impedance of the hot signal conductor. In other words, there is no audio signal on the cold conductor, but, in a full balanced system, common-mode rejection will be maintained since the impedance is balanced between the two conductors.

Impedance-balanced outputs can connect to unbalanced loads with the cold output ‘floated’ (unconnected) or connected to ground. There will be no performance or other differences between a floated or grounded cold conductor (pin-3) with impedance-balanced outputs. Using an XLR connector, this corresponds to pin-3 floating or tied to pin-1. The hot signal conductor will be connected to pin-2, as usual, and it will carry the audio information. The shield conductor will be connected, as usual, to pin-1.

AFAIK TRS connection is:
Tip - Hot
Ring - Cold
Sleeve - Groung
I think it is possibe in this case use TS jacks. Sleeve in TS jack will groung Cold contact to Ground in socket.