UR22+Cubase 8AI+ Triton Extreme

Trying to connect the above to a) load triton sequencer songs using MIDI and b) access the triton sounds banks. Forum research has got me to the stage of downloading an xml triton patch file and importing this into cubase via the midi device manager. I’m using the UR22 audio/MIDI interface.

The problem is that it states on the output drop down menu of the midi device manager that the triton it is not connected? I can see that MIDI data is being input/output audio activity meters so what did I miss?Presumably, my next goal to connect the triton as an external midi instrument in VST connections can’t work until the triton is recognised?

I have also installed korg midi driver but device list box is greyed out.

Once this hurdle is overcome, my forum research suggest that it’s a case of exporting the midi file from triton, importing into cubase, dissolving midi track so that the channels are dispersed, specifying the triton as the instrument and assigning the same midi channel programs as were in the corresponding tracks in the triton sequencer song?

Thanks and apols for any newbie type mistakes. This is the third time I have attempted to leave the relative comfort of the korg sequencer song environment…! :slight_smile: