UR22 + cubase AI HELP!

Hey guys, ive bought my UR22 in january this year and i got a cubase 7 AI, im total noob when it comes to cubase versions -elements/ai/le, i dont know what it all means, but i think that u pretty much know what am i talking about. Anyway i installed back then cubase 7 ai with a download access code that came with the ur22 and unfortunately i had to reinstall my windows 7 x64 and now when i want to activate cubase7ai it says that this activation code can be used only once and now i can only use it in trial mode. My question is, can i somehow renew my licence code to use this AI version or i must purchase a new cubase? Im not a professional im just starting to learn all the basics and i really dont have the money to buy full cubase, and i rly dont need unlimited number of tracks.

Thanks in advance for helping me


thx for the replay but i have nothing in software section on my steinberg acc. When go to add software it says

“You already have successfully redeemed this Download Access Code.
Use this code to activate your software. You find this Activation Code also under “My Products”. We’ve also just sent you an email with this info.”

in the email is the same code i cant use and there is nothing in my products exept hardware (ur22) and eLicenser

i have nowhere to request re-activation

I have just worked through my licensing. It is full of difficulties.
It seems as if something went amiss when you registered the download. With an account when you typed in the downloaded activation key into the e-licenser window it should have automatically registered the software. I am not sure how it finds your MySteinberg account. So the software did not get registered in your '‘MySteinberg’. How this happened I have no idea. For bundled programs Steinberg say contact your point of purchase retailer for a new download key. Not sure if this is actually what they meant. I have been lucky but your problem made me very cautious when I upgraded, nearly got it wrong. Steinberg is quite difficult to contact with a problem.

The main problem i have is that i live in Serbia and and according to http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/support_contact.html i cant even have email support…i will call my retailer to see if they can help me

i am also having trouble with the UR-22 and the software it came with. when i open cubase it always tells me i have to get an activation code or the program will be shut off soon. i have been sent three access codes and i have entered these many times on your site but nothing happens. Also, this form of cubase is very hard to get working.just getting it record a simple stereo track took a whole day, the midid does not work at all with my alesis fusion keyboard, i am not sure if there are virtual instruments in it because the information is too anal . so after three days i still have nothing recorded. This seemed like a good deal for $150 but tell me if this is what i should expect when i upgrade? CAn anybody tell me if i can expect more of the same when i u pgrade? Is it so hard to have a clear box that sets up your inputs and outputs for audio? i do not get why but you have a reputation so i gave it a try. i will give it a couple more days and if i get no help i will return. i have u sed a few programs and making them more complicated to use does not make it better for recording.

Which version of Cubase are you using?

Have you installed the most recent eLCC? http://www.elicenser.net/en/latest_downloads.html

What is your operating system? Windows? Mac? 32-bit? 64-bit? Cubase 32-bit or 64-bit?

You enter the activation code in the eLicenser app.

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