UR22 cuts out intermittently

I will say that the new driver works absolutely amazing for me. Albeit that I already got rid of the random dropout issues by changing mobo’s.

See in my reply to the new release below how much better the driver is performing.

I sure hope the new driver helps all of you with the UR22 dropout issues. Fingers crossed…

Best! :slight_smile:



I am curious if the driver update has solved any of the issues here?

Me too,

It would be nice if people reported on the driver working or not so I can figure out what my next step will be.

Thanks in advance!

I have update to 1.9.8,cuts out is still。。。。

I’m pleased to say the new 1.9.8 driver seems to be working PERFECTLY for me!!
No dropouts at all yet! :slight_smile:

Obviously I’m sorry to hear that for some people the problem remains but, as a regular contributor to this thread since Page One - and someone who was pulling their hair out with desperation trying to find a solution, I am DELIGHTED to finally be rid of the dropouts!!

It seems Steinberg have been working steadily on this for months, quietly listening to forum unrest and slowly edging toward solutions.
I’m sure they’ll continue their work and hopefully the lingering problems that are still harrying some users will be finally laid to rest.


Great to hear man! I obviously wished to push for a solution to the problem. At least it is working for you! Fingers crossed that that stays that way…


Please do not jump to conclusions! I wrote earlier that the problem was solved, but the cuts can come back in a week or a month, after which you connect any other device to your PC. Driver 1.9.8 for WIN not delivered me from cuts, although better than the previous . Programs can now control the switching frequency of sampling but unfortunately could not manage to change the buffer size, for example a popular guitar plugin as BIAS FX. There have written that cuts the problem concerns the ASRock motherboards, but Asus me. I wrote above that experienced with my PC 7 pcs different UR12, and only 2 of them - each one a certain USB port does not suffer from the cuts. I want this interface to return the seller. To replace the PC will cost 10 times more expensive than buying another interface, and there is no guarantee that the interface with other PC will not suffer from cuts.

I just ordered an pci-e usb card. Thought a different chipset might do the tick. At least I hope so. It should be arriving on Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted.

Well, can somebody explain me how this cutting appears? It seems I may have same issue.
It was with previous version 1.9.4 and with current 1.9.8 - the same (Win10 64). I have gigabyte ga-z77n-wifi motherboard, with Wi-Fi disabled.
For me it looks like this. I play video movie for 2 hours and after about 1 hour I usually loose an audio for about 1.5 seconds and then everything is fine. I used to think that may be it was a a movie file audio codec problem/glitch, but not sure. If you rewind video and play again audio loss does not happen on the same place. Playing foobar2000 via DirectSound also had similar experience.
How to 100% determine, that this is cut, but not source file problem? Of course you can play around in Cubase whole day and then if you get this cut out you can be sure it is, but what if you work with simple apps?

I recorded a small video, to show the problem.
While recording I noticed that the dropouts are even more present than
with the previous version of the driver.


(please don’t bash my awesome ghetto speaker stands :sunglasses: :laughing: )

Plinius, that must be extremely frustrating! I do sympathise!

My problem was slightly different. My dropouts would only last a tiny fraction of a second - sort of the silence equivalent of a ‘pop’. And the power LED never blinked.

It does look like your problem could be power related.

It seems (so far) that they have managed to solve the problem I was having, but there’s obviously still work to do.
Keep posting here. Keep alerting Steinberg to problems. It might take a while, but I’d like to think they’ll get there in the end.

In the meantime, does running DPC Latency Checker or Latency Monitor show anything peculiar happening when your dropouts occur?


I think it’s not power related, as I tried running the unit with external power and it made no difference. The latency never exceeds 680us. So that should be alright i think.

I hope the usb card will fix the issue, otherwise I have 48 days to fix the problem before I have to return it.

I agree with jamieboo, more looks like power problem, as no reason why led blinks. Mine does not.

But why doe’s it intensify when playing video, but not when playing a gpu heavy game?
And why does it drop the audio when on external power? While other usb devices like an usb hard disk(powered bij usb) have no problem? Aaaaal these questions :question: :cry:
If i sherlock the shit out of this i conclude the driver has some sort of interrupt problem or encounters too much problems, flat-lines and restarts… somtimes once in 10 minutes sometimes faster than it can recover :unamused:

Thanks for thinking with me on this!

edit flower :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hey Guys,

I`m down with plinius10!

I`ve still the same issues like before! Nothing changed, until I activate my slower pci-e wifi network card and deactivate my faster pci wifi card!

The driver changed nothing in my case…

Cheers, Mike

Sad to say I’m not surprised this driver doesn’t change anything for those suffering from wifi card issues.

I get the impression that this driver was focused on ironing out conflicts with native usb drivers/controllers - which I always believed my problem to be. And for me, happily, the problem is now solved.

Completely disabling all wifi was the very first thing I did in an attempt to sort out my problem, as wifi drivers/stuff has long been considered a main culprit in audio/latency/dropout issues - but alas that made no difference in my case.

Now that the low level usb driver conflict issues appear to be solved, maybe Steinberg can tackle the issue of functionality alongside poorly coded network drivers.

I’m sure we’ll all get there in the end!
In the meantime, if you haven’t already, maybe try different wifi network drivers, or different PCIe slots.
Also perhaps try different chipset drivers, mobo BIOS, etc.

Sadly I have no wifi to turn of, might be the network driver, but I seemed to get the problem after installing my video card. But not completely shure. That’s one thing I can try…

But I can say that after installing the previous version of the driver (1.9.6) the dropouts are less frequent. Only about 8 times in a 3min video… So that might be interesting for the devs… I wonder if they read the forum, I haven’t got any reaction on the support mail I sent them a while back.

Also after updating my pci-e bus drivers the dropout are even less frequent. only once or twice during an 3 min video.

Still awaiting my pcie usb card eagerly…


edit shure should be sure, but unintendid phuns are the best :laughing:
*edit 2 stuf about bus update was to litle to make new post…

It may well be something to do with your video card Plinius!
Have you tried it in different PCIe slots? Different drivers?
Also have you tried playing with the graphics card’s settings - setting to maximum performance etc?
High performance 3d GPUs can be very resource hungry. Then again they can often have problems in low consumption 2d mode. Their idle states can be a bit unstable sometimes.

I wish you all luck on your road to finding a solution! I know how frustrating this can be!
Keep contacting Support! :slight_smile:

After using a M-Audio Delta 44 for ten years I decided to try a modern USB audio interface. I decided to start at low cost to check it out and, after reading a zillion reviews, chose the Steinberg UR22 MkII. Right away I heard improved audio in every respect over the Delta interface. But I also experienced intermittent brief drop outs from the UR22. I browsed the Internet for help and found this post, and I’m very glad I did. I tried the newest driver but no help. I found my solution is to use a USB port on the back of my computer instead of the front. Problem appears to be solved. While I am fairly computer savvy, it’s ridiculous that a person can’t just buy a device, plug it in, and it works, without the need to understand USB conflicts, BIOS, and other technical stuff that the average person has no idea about. Anyway, reading the comments on this post led me to my solution. I’m happy with the UR22 MkII and it produces excellent sound.

I’m having similar issues, that were not fixed by the new driver.

I don’t know if this applies to your system, but for me, disabling my antivirus’ (Bitdefender) firewall seems to help as a temporary fix.